Support for North Atlantic Treaty Organization by the addition of a network of secondary schools to be called NATO Peacekeepers Logistics Academies Network, the N-PLAN.

What we do?

Day-to-day management at Rainbow Foundation Sihtasutus, which advocates for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Peacekeepers Academy at Fort Bragg, North Carolina — a proposed federal high school with grades ten, eleven, and twelve — for five hundred dependents of 50,000 military personnel stationed at Fort Bragg.

Also a NATO Peacekeepers Logistics Academies Network (consisting of twelve small rural high schools for girls and boys) in the Republic of Estonia along the NATO border with Russia. Rainbow Foundation is registered in Estonia since 2002, with headquarters at East Wiru County, Estonia.

Expanding in Europe

Later, similar networks in Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania; in central Europe (including Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic); and in western Europe, including Norway, Iceland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain. Similar networks in Finland, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland — but only if and when they join NATO.

Expanding in North America

The academy planned for Fort Bragg in North Carolina is also planned for Fort Hood (in Killeen, Texas) the largest tank base in the army of the United States: "an Army Family numbering in the hundreds of thousands," including servicewomen and men, Department of Army civilians, contract employees and all their families who live and work at Fort Hood. (Please see homepage hood.army.mil)

A similar academy is planned for the United States Navy Space Warfare Command Atlantic at Charleston, South Carolina, on the east coast of the United States, and at Marine Corps Camp Pendleton on the west coast.

Also at Kingsley Field of the Oregon Air National Guard 173rd Fighter Wing, a western USA air base with a runway big enough to accommodate not only jet liners but also astronauts and cosmonauts who want to land but need an unusually-long stretch of runway for their high-powered spaceships.

Fort Bragg (mentioned earlier) is home to the John F. Kennedy Special Forces training center as well as the 82nd Airborne Division, United States Army, along with its own air base--originally named Pope Air Force Base.

In Canada, there are to be three logistics academies. One near Kingston on Lake Ontario, midway between Ottawa and Toronto. Another near Niagara Falls, close to Lake Erie and the city of Saint Catherines. The rural area around Nicolet includes the N-PLAN logistics site in Quebec Province, near the Quebec National Police Academy and another school (Ecole agriculture de Nicolet). Since 1952, a weapons-testing center (belonging to the Canadian armed forces) is adjacent to Lake Saint Pierre and the Nicolet River. Both Nicolet and the nearby city of Trois Rivieres [on the Saint Maurice River where it joins the Saint Lawrence River] are midway between Montreal and Quebec City.

How many?

How many people are needed to support one NATO pilot or one NATO sailor or one NATO soldier? The answer is five people. So every group of 100 fighters in military uniform depend on 500 persons for their complete support in combat, in training and as North Atlantic Treaty Organization peacekeepers.

That is the mission of NATO Peacekeepers Academies: to prepare support personnel required by NATO, in a three-year-educational-program beginning with girls and boys at the age of 16 who have completed the ninth grade of school. This is nothing less than professional education—new academies in Europe and North America for professionals, educated by and for NATO.

"It is better to think about peacekeeping as a journey rather than a destination." (NATO Peacekeepers Academies)

Timetable and Funding

Deutschland made two kinds of contributions to NATO in Year 2017: Deutschland paid (in cash) $ 242,018,000 of the total NATO annual headquarters budget that was $1,652,000,000.

Deutschland also made a second contribution to NATO in the same year, 2017; not in cash. The second contribution was in personnel and equipment. This contribution was calculated to have a certain dollar value.

The dollar value of the second contribution was compared to the total dollar value called Gross Domestic Product or GDP. The dollar value of Deutschland's donated personnel and equipment becomes a ratio compared with GDP, and finally there is a percentage--which is less than two percent.

There is a pledge, a promise, that Deutschland will reach the two-percent level for its second contribution [ personnel and equipment ] by the Year 2024. Deutschland can fund "distance learning," focusing on military logistics in the morning (from Frankfort ) and military academics for Grades 10, 11 and 12 in the afternoon ( from Bonn ).

USA network 2019 addition

Near eastern Canada, Fort Drum is home to the 10th Mountain Division, U.S. Army.

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